Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM)

What is EDDM?

EDDM is a low cost direct mail marketing program, created by the Postal Service to target prospects within a geographical area. It allows you to select prospects by location, income, age and type (residential or commercial). It saves money in three ways – first, you do not have to create or buy a mailing list. Second, it allows you to save money by not advertising to people who are not good prospects. And third, the post office offers special low postage rates.

You can only mail cards  through EDDM, no letters, packages, etc. If you are doing the mailing yourself, the cards must be large – between 6 ¼ x 9 in and 12 x 15 in. If we mail for you on our permit, smaller cards can be mailed at a lower rate. The basic charge for mailing a large card is 17.7¢ per piece; smaller cards can be mailed for as little as 15.6¢ ea.

How to Get Started

First, set your budget. We can provide pricing for printing the cards. You can estimate your postage costs by using the USPS EDDM mapping tool to determine the number of addresses in your target area:

Link to EDDM mapping tool.

The tool will show you the number of addresses on each carrier route. With some exceptions, you will be mailing to each address within a carrier route. You must mail at least 200 pieces and not more than 5000 pieces per day, unless we process the mailing for you. Call us if you need help with the mapping tool.

Self Serve or Full Service

Self Serve – we print the cards. You bundle them into packages by carrier route and take them to the post office. If your mailing includes carrier routes served by different post offices, you will have to take the cards to each individual post office separately.

Full Service – we print and mail the cards. You only need to provide us with a list of the carrier routes (which you get from the mapping tool) and the number of addresses on each route. We will mail all the cards from the Dulles Bulk Mail Entry Unit on our permit. All cards going to the 201 area codes will mail at a special lower rate.

Click here to check out our page on postcards

Why CP&G?

We are a local printing and mailing company and we can provide you with assistance along the way. We can help you design an effective mailing piece which meets the postal requirements or we can do the design for you. You can call us or visit us. You might want to visit us, for example, to look at samples of what others have done or to pick out the stock to be used in the printing. If your mailing is going to the local area and we deliver it to the Dulles BMEU, you will get the fastest delivery of your mailing. We guarantee your satisfaction.

Marketing Tip – consider doing multiple mailings. People often stake everything on a single mailing and are disappointed with the results. Many people who receive your mailing may not be in a buying mode at the time but will be later. One of the most effective campaigns we have seen was done by a roofing company. The mailer was an ugly card printed in black ink on a green card stock. Its message was Does Your Roof Leak? Call us at (XXX) XXX-XXXX, The campaign must have been effective because we got one of these cards every month for two years. So if you have a budget for 5000 cards, think of doing 5 mailings of 1000 cards each to the same addresses rather than one mailing only of 5000 cards.

Questions? – call us at (703) 471-2800.

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