Sales Brochure

A Key Part of Your Marketing Program

Consider a sales brochure as a key part of your marketing program, along with your business card, your web page, and other promotional items.

A sales brochure has many uses:

  • It can be mailed to prospects
  • It can be left behind at meetings 
  • It can be handed out at trade shows
  • It can be passed along as part of a referral program
A sales brochure can be the primary means by which people can be motivated to visit your web page. Your brochure can give them just enough information to engage their interest and get them to your site.

Creating your Most Effective Sales Brochure

If you need to write the copy and do the layout for your brochure do a little research if you are not experienced in writing promotional materials. Here is a source and there are many others article. 
If you have already designed your brochure, we can print it for you cost effectively. What type of paper will you use? That will depend on your audience and how the brochure will be used. For a leave behind at an important meeting you will want a high quality cover stock while a trade show handout should be done on less expensive paper. We have samples of all types of paper and we invite you to visit us to choose. 
Begin by writing the brochure and choosing what pictures or illustrations you want to include. Then do a rough layout in Word, Publisher or whatever page layout software you have. Make the type a readable size and set the size of the illustrations and see how it all fits. If you have the skill and the proper software you can create a print ready file to send to us. Otherwise, send us your rough layout and we can do the typesetting and layout for you.


Although the 8.5 x 11 inch trifold brochure is the most popular format, don’t feel locked into that. You should also consider 9 x 12, 8.5 x 14 and 11 x17 trifold brochures, as well as bifold and multipanel roll folded brochures. 

Printing and Mailing

We offer both offset and digital printing. Both offer very high quality and the choice is usually based on cost, considering the size of the piece and the length of the run. We can also offer special effects like metallic inks, foil stamping and embossing.
If you plan to mail your brochure, please consult with us before you finish the design. We have a complete mailing department and our experience will help you design your brochure for mailing at the lowest possible postage costs.
We would be happy to discuss any of your needs or questions. Please request an estimate or contact us at or the phone number below.
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